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Today: Oct 31, 2014
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over the top -StageAuthor

would get updates on , and his life... The one thing that was always a constant was music. Joe aka elemental started out on Bass ( MAYBE GUITAR ) But for this story I Will assume bass. He was good I recall back then hey that kid has chops!

Back then some 20 plus years ago, I could play, and I mean PLAY A MEAN BASS so for me to think this kid was good was impressive.  Over the years with the advent of youtube I would get updates about his music heck even hear some of it etc. I would then get updates from

Over the years somehow, our path's seemed to cross... He's always been a cool guy, a top notch person! I don't say that about just anyone, he's never really struck me as uncool as long as I've known him.  In the past five years or so Trying to remember all the bands he's been in, show invites, song's he's wrote, places and cities he's lived in or at or with etc... It's so head spinning it reminds me of my 20's and for me that was like a big car accident every other day. I still don't know how I survived my 20's!

Anyways since then I started building a site with my old drummer, we are in a band called code507. We started working on the web site "theneverendingstage because no matter how hard we looked every web site that was out to help bands just wanted money! We thought to ourselves wow, greedy and these sites suck! Not only do the sites drain bands but 99.9 percent of bands don't make a dime and that's ripping people off and we just didn't like it.

So we set out to right a wrong and started the .com! So far it's been amazing! We will have our thousandth person who's visited our site in the first week and we are still in the beta testing mode. Now that's awesome. Coolness aside, Joe has never given up on music and what I heard next was short of a wow moment for me.

So joe, aka elemental is the artist of the month Not only for his talent ( He played and wrote all the music impressive ) but he's lived his life for music and he's due for some well deserved limelight! We rep those that work hard! here is his vid impressive!

If you listen to the song it's hard to imagine a guy with that much talent not on the road playing bigger shows at least in front of a decent sized crowd. My point to this article is he made it through the hardest part. The pain of waiting for the money to come one day! His talent is incredible and it took years to hone his craft to get that good! He plays guitar, bass, sings, writes, plays keyboard's etc..



Elemental Gives allot of credit to his improved musical abilities to Phoenix cafe. As Joe puts it it's just the coolest place on earth to jam, hang out, and meet cool new people.  I must say this place must be magic because since he's gone there things seem to be looking up for elemental. Below is a link of him playing guitar at the Phoenix Cafe. From the looks of it having a GRAND OLD TIME! The video starts jamming out big time at the end.


We will be writing articles about the eay artist, band, fan, concert, songwriter, song's etc... Hope this article shed a little light onto the other other side of being a musician. I was so impressed with Joe's writing and songs that I offered to work with him to get things moving with his music so keep a look out for Joe aka Elemental in the next years to come especially in 2012. I know the worlds is supposed to be no more right around then but in the event we are still here... Do look for elemental to be everywhere and do buy his album when it comes out thanks for reading!
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