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Hailing from The Birmingham, Alabama area Saint of Nowhere have made a sudden impact with a slew of acoustic

releases showcasing the bands vocal and songwriter prowess!

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Releasing a laid back but powerfuly introspective set of recordings. A large buzz is churning in the The Music
Industry over these veteran songwriters!


Listening to the Song Black Paradise it don't take long to hear what to me is a powerful single ready to be fully

recorded. The song evokes a ton of Power and emotion featuring the gripping vocals of James Stafford and Kyle Williams.



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As a listener one can't help but be pulled into Black Paradice's murky waters! Like The Alabama Bayou's

Black Paradise is Full of Mystery and suspence. I find myself listening to it over and over again enjoying the subtle melodic

darkness it provides me.


A sure hit stacking the future of this Powerhouse group's endless acousitc and melodical talents! The Vocal Harmonies

by Kyle Williams and James Stafford are simply amazing! The guitar work top notch! Black Paradise amazes! A must hear

song that will take off once it hits the radio waves!







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